Black bear hunting isnt mearly a past time at Belle Chasse, it is a passion that is shared by the manager, the guides, and the owners.   Year round, the staff studies the habits of the local black bear population in preparation for the up coming season.  


Our main focus is having a successful season where each of our clients has a once in a lifetime hunting experience.  In order to make this become a reality, we begin baiting our sites a minimum of 30 days prior to opening day of hunting season.    


Belle Chasse has one of the largest black bear management areas in Northern Ontario, spanning a massive 171 square miles.  This allows us to properly manage the population and harvest some of the largest black bear in our area each year.   An average black bear weighs in around 200-250 pounds; however, it is not uncommon to see hunters harvest black bear weighing in at 350+ pounds at Belle Chasse.  

Black Bear Hunting

When hunting at Belle Chasse, you can choose to hunt with either a bow, or rifel.  (NO PISTOLS ALLOWED IN CANADA)  An average bow shot will range from 10 to 25 yards, while the average rifel shot is between 15 and 30 yards.  If you desire to have a longer range shot, please make this request well in advance. Stands that can accommodate up to a 100 yard shot are limited.  We hunt one hunter per bait site each year, so this request must be made upon reservation.


Stands types include, lock on stands, ladder stands, and ground blinds.  Make sure you bring your safety harness for any elevated stand.  


Black bear are extremely difficult to kill.  We highly encourage hunters to use a broadhead or bullet that will create a large hole.  


There is a shooting range where guns can be checked for accuracy before heading to the stand. 

Our all inclusive hunting package will include accommodations, meals, and an experienced Canadian guide that will show you to your stand, and prepare your bait to take with you each day.  


Accommodations at Belle Chasse include 6 cabins that sleep between 2 and 6 people each.   Parties of 2 or more will be guarenteed a private group cabin. These cabins are complete with a half bath, kitchenette. All meals are served in the main lodge. There is is a common area where there are 4 bathrooms complete with walk-in showers.  


An average day at Belle Chasse will include a full breakfast, then you can fish or you may choose to hit the stand.  Lunch will be a hearty meal thats sure to please, then you will be off for your afternoon hunt.  The evening meal will be served once the sunsets and hunters begin to arrive back in camp.  

In order for this to be one of the best hunting experiences of your life, there are a few things we suggest that you bring along. Here are a few items that are MUST haves...



-Current Hunting License from your state

-Safety Harness (Must have to hunt from stand)

-Flash Light

-Sent-A-Way Spray


-Two Way Radios

-Anti-bug Gear

-Rain Gear

-Compass or GPS

-Solid, Hunter Orange Vest AND Hat (its the law)

-Range Finder

-Thermal Cell Unit (MUST have)

-Duct Tape (it will fix almost anything)



-Soda (Water, coffee, and juice will be provided)

You are responsible for buying your Ontario hunting priviledged license and tag.  This costs approximately $250 USD.  In order to be granted an Ontario hunting license, you MUST have a current license from your home state.  


Upon arrival to camp, license and tags will be checked, and an overview of hunting regulations will be reviewed.  Your license and tag must be checked before you take the stand to hunt. You must take your license with you to the stand each day.  

Directions to Camp:


Traveling NE on Route 11:

Go ten miles past the town of Longlac, take a right on to Route 625 towards Caramat.  Go six miles, turn right onto McKay Lake Rd. Go 1 mile into camp on the sand/dirt Road.  


Traveling SW on Route 11: 

Ten miles before reaching the town of Longlac, turn left on Route 625 toward Caramat.  Go 6 miles, turn right on McKay Lake Road.  Go 1 mile down sandy/dirt road into camp.